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Guardian Angels

Catholic Primary School

Year 5

Spring Term Curriculum

January 2020


Happy New Year!  Thank you for your support during the autumn term, we really do appreciate this as it is so valuable to your child’s success. We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and we look forward to a busy and productive Spring Term – this letter will outline the learning that we have planned for your child this term.


Home learning

Home learning will be set in accordance with the school’s home learning policy which is available on the school’s website.


Maths home learning will likely consist of arithmetic based activities / calculations. Instructions will be given to the children during their lessons and may vary depending on the task.


As you know, it is essential that your child reads a wide range of genres (i.e. fiction, non-fiction, newspapers) and develops a good reading habit to help with their comprehension, writing and vocabulary. Children are expected to read for at least 15-20 minutes a night and to make a note of the pages that they have read in their reading record. We would also like children to record any unknown words / new words in their reading record so that they can look these up the next day in school. We kindly request that you oversee the reading record by adding your comments and signature at least once a week.


Spellings lists for this half term have been stuck into the children’s home learning books. Children will be asked to write extended, imaginative sentences for their ten spellings to consolidate their understanding of the words they are learning. They will then be tested on the spellings the following Friday. These spellings will include words from the year 5/6 spelling list which is a list of spellings published in the National Curriculum which children must learn by the end of their primary education. Words may be repeated across the term for consolidation / if issues are still arising.



This term we will be working on short and long multiplication and short division. Also learning about fractions; subtracting and multiplying fractions and finding fraction of amounts. Finally we will move onto decimals and percentages and looking at their relationship with fractions.

You can support your child by ensuring that they can recall their times tables (up to 12x12) rapidly and out of sequence, that they can tell the time accurately and halve and double whole numbers quickly.



We will be reading The Highwayman, a narrative poem by Alfred Noyes. The children will write their own modern version as a story. We will then be looking at persuasive writing. After half term we will be reading.


Alongside this we will be working on grammar, spelling and punctuation. From time to time your child may be given additional home learning to help support their work in class. Please encourage and support your child to complete this.



We will be learning about inspirational people and how their beliefs influence how they live their lives. We will explore the Beatitudes and develop an understanding of how they show us how to live. In addition, we will be learning about reconciliation during Lent. We will understand that actions have consequences and reflect on some of the consequences of actions. Also we will learn more about the sacrament of reconciliation and going to confession.



Our topic for the first half term is Out of this World. We will learn about the history of space exploration, and the technology and people that were involved. They will focus on the first Moon Landing, learning about how the rocket escaped Earth’s gravity. They will explore the work of artists Alexander Calder, and how he created balanced, moving mobiles They will look at photos of the planets and use paint and printing to make a solar system mobile.


In the second half of the autumn term, our topic will be Circle of Life. We will design and make our own interactive life cycle wheels using card and split pins. We will learn about how humans have affected our environment, both locally and globally, and focus on recycling. We will carry out surveys about what we and our classmates and school staff recycle and look at how recycling is managed locally and globally, finding out about the different waste products and the places, countries and people that process them. They will also look at how circles are uses as a motif in art, stretching back from the Stone Age a right up to modern art today. They will explore the artists colour wheel, and have a go at creating their own mixed media art works using circle patterns and shapes.



In science we will be finding out about the Earth, Sun and Moon, and how their movement and interactions affect life on earth. They will explore the way the Sun seems to move across the sky and how this creates day and night, and how the position of the Earth and Sun create the seasons. They will also learn about the Earth’s place in the Solar System. They will learn about how the Moon travels around the Earth. They will learn about gravity, and test to see if all objects fall at the same speed. In the second half term we will explore the life cycles of different plants and animals including minibeasts and microorganisms) and learn a bit more about our own life cycles as humans.



We shall be learning about online safety and we will be developing skills using G Suite – Google Docs and Slides and enhancing our learning by using Purplemash.



We will be discussing a range of topics around physical health and wellbeing in the media – roles models and how the media can be misleading. We will also look at ideas surrounding citizenship and civil rights. In addition to this we will also learn about borrowing and earning money – the risk associated with borrowing money, enterprise and what influences people’s decisions about careers. We look forward to supporting you in developing your child to reach their full potential. Thank you for your cooperation, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to make an appointment to see me.


Kind Regards


Mrs Denys

Year Five


Websites to support learning

The following websites may be helpful;

Curriculum Overview

The curriculum overview lets you know what your child shall be learning each term, as well as the activities and structure for each subject.

Useful Sites