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Guardian Angels

Catholic Primary School

Year 4

January 2020


Welcome back to school! Thank you for your support through the Autumn term, I really do appreciate it. I hope you had a restful Christmas holiday and I look forward to a busy but productive Spring Term – this letter will outline the learning that I have planned for your child this term.


Home learning

Home learning will be set in accordance with the school’s home learning policy which is available on the school’s website.


Maths home learning will likely consist of a few short, arithmetic based activities/calculations to be completed and returned the following week. Instructions will be given to the children during their lesson and may vary depending on the task.


A list of spellings will be included within their homework, which will have to be learnt for their spelling test the following week. These spellings will include words from the year 3/4 spelling list which is a list of spellings published in the National Curriculum which children must learn by the end of year 4. Words Spellings may be repeated across the term for consolidation, if issues are still arising. Occasionally, children will be asked to write extended, imaginative sentences for their list of spellings to consolidate their understanding of the words they are learning.



This term we will be learning to:


  • multiply 3 numbers together
  • multiply and divide 2-digit numbers by 1-digit
  • multiply and divide 3-digit numbers by 1-digit
  • calculate and compare area
  • make rectilinear shapes using squares
  • recognise and use factor pairs
  • divide 1-digit by 10
  • divide 2-digits by 10
  • recognise the relationship between fractions and decimals (e.g. recognise the relationship between 1/10 and 0.1)


Whilst doing so, we will be regularly practicing our timetables, strengthening our confidence with the specific tables which we struggle with. You can support your child by ensuring that they can recall their times tables (up to 12x12) rapidly and out of sequence, that they can tell the time accurately and halve and double whole numbers quickly.



We shall be starting the term by reading a book called ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, which falls under the umbrella of our theme for the term which is based upon chocolate. This will allow pupils to make cross curricular links and give more context to their learning. Our outcomes for this term will be instruction texts, diary entries, explanation texts and a newspaper report. In light of our outcomes, we prepare ourselves by practicing the necessary skills required to complete each type of text. For example, fronted adverbial, expanded noun phrases, time connectives and pronouns. Alongside this, a large amount of our time will be spent on grammar, spelling and punctuation and from time to time your child may be given additional home learning to help support their work in class. Please encourage and support your child to complete this.



In R.E. we are learning about the Jesus, the Teacher and what this means to us as followers of God. In addition to this, we will continue to make links between beliefs and scriptures, using what we learnt last term to support us when necessary.



This term pupils will explore the history, science and geography of chocolate! Pupils will look at where it comes from, the ancient cultures and civilisations that first invented it and what those countries are like today. They will explore how chocolate and other materials melt when heated, and solidify when cooled, and find out how to keep our teeth and bodies healthy even after eating chocolate! Pupils will think about how chocolate is grown and made today, and how we can try and make things fair for the farmers that grow Cocoa beans around the world.



Changes states and human teeth are our topics this term for Science. We will be carrying out multiple investigations to discover new learning. E.g. investigating whether dark, milk or white chocolate has an effect on the degree of melting points. We will learn also about human teeth and how we can keep them healthy.



P.E. lessons will be on a Tuesday afternoon at 1:45pm. Children must wear full PE uniform for each lesson, please ensure that your child has the correct uniform to participate in the lessons. P.E. kits should be brought into school at the beginning of term and must stay here until half term when they will be sent home for washing. This term children will be doing gymnastics which will focus on developing short sequences and improving the quality of the actions and linking movement.



Swimming will begin this term and will be every Thursday afternoon. Please ensure that your child has their swimming kits with them on Thursdays otherwise they will be unable participate in their lessons. This consists of the correct clothing, a towel, a swimming hat and goggles if desired.


Art/Design and Technology

We will be looking at advertising images and artwork for chocolate whilst identify the motifs behind them. In addition to this, we will me sketching, designing and creating decorated packaging for chocolate bars.



This term we will focus on keeping healthy, particularly issues around asthma and making choices in relation to drugs, alcohol and tobacco. We shall also explore ideas surrounding citizenship and civil rights.


We look forward to supporting you in developing your child to reach their full potential.


Thank you for your cooperation,


Mr Joseph - Year 4

Curriculum Overview

The curriculum overview lets you know what your child shall be learning each term, as well as the activities and structure for each subject.

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