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Guardian Angels

Catholic Primary School

Year 3


January 2020


Welcome back to school! Thank you for your support during the last academic year, we really do appreciate this as it is so valuable to your child’s success. We hope you had a restful break over the Christmas season and we look forward to a busy and productive Spring Term – this letter will outline the learning that we have planned for your child this term.


Home Learning

Home learning will be set in accordance with the school’s home learning policy which is available on the school’s website.


Maths home learning will likely consist of a few short, arithmetic based activities / calculations to be completed and returned during the week. Instructions will be given to the children during their lesson and may vary depending on the task.


As you know, it is essential that your child reads a wide range of genres (i.e. fiction, non-fiction, newspapers) and develops a good reading habit to help with their comprehension, writing and vocabulary. Children are expected to read for at least 20-25 minutes a night and to make a note of the pages that they have read in their reading record. We would also like children to record any unknown words / new words in their reading record so that they can look these up the next day in school. We kindly request that you oversee the reading record by adding your comments and signature at least once a week.


Spellings lists for this half term have been stuck into the children’s home learning books. Children will be asked to write extended, imaginative sentences for their ten spellings to consolidate their understanding of the words they are learning. They will then be tested on the spellings the following Tuesday. These spellings will include words from the year 3 and 4  ‘Common Exception Word’ spelling list which is a list of spellings published in the National Curriculum which children must learn by the end of their primary education. Words may be repeated across the term for consolidation / if issues are still arising.


Year Three Curriculum


This term we will be developing our understanding of Multiplication, Division, a variety of calculations, and will be applying these skills to more challenging reasoning and problem solving tasks, measurement and number skills involving Fractions.

You can support your child by ensuring that they can recall their times tables (up to ,3,4 and 8) rapidly and out of sequence, that they can tell the time accurately and halve and double whole numbers quickly.



We shall be starting the term by studying non- fiction text: focusing on Persuasion. Children will be exposed to current issues in different forms such as audio, secondary sources etc…before writing their own presentation on the subject.

We will then move on to looking at fictional texts: looking at Adventure stories with the aim of writing our own adventure story  focusing on the use of specific verbs a variety of sentence types and paragraphing.  

A significant amount of our time will be spent on grammar, spelling and punctuation and from time to time your child may be given additional home learning to help support their work in class. Please encourage and support your child to complete this.



In the first half of the term we shall be learning about world jungles and rain forests. We shall be learning about their locations and making comparisons. We will also look at art work from French painter Henri Rousseau; best known paintings of depict jungle scenes. Towards the end of the term we shall be focussing on our geography skills by researching the continents and developing our map reading skills.



We will be learning about The Sacrament of Reconciliation. We will also be learning about the celebration of Mass and making inks between scripture and seasonal events in the church calendar.



We shall start the term by learning about Magnetism and follow up with Friction and Forces.



This term we shall be competitive games; hockey. Football, basketball, cricket, tennis and rounders. PE lessons will continue to be on a Tuesday and swimming Thursday afternoon. Children must wear full PE uniform for each of these lessons; please ensure that your child has the correct uniform, if children have the incorrect uniform they may have to miss their break time on the following day.



We shall be learning about using child friendly online search engines to research topics, E-safety and how to code. We will also continue to develop our ICT skills by practising keyboard skills.


Art/Design and Technology

We will be learning about famous artists and their use of sketching, modelling techniques, a variety of colours and textures in paintings.  We shall be creating our own habitat/shelters for survival in a jungle and displaying them for exhibition around the school with a short summary of what we have been learning.



We will be learning about how to keep our bodies healthy and the effect of tobacco on the body. We will also spend time looking at the world of work and spending, saving and budgeting.


Websites to support learning

The following websites may be helpful;


We look forward to supporting you in developing your child to reach their full potential. Thank you for your cooperation, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to make an appointment to see me.

Kind Regards


Ms Cassius

Year Three


Curriculum Overview

The curriculum overview lets you know what your child shall be learning each term, as well as the activities and structure for each subject.

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