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Guardian Angels

Catholic Primary School

School Meals

Breakfast & After School Club

Children attending the Breakfast Club can be  provided with a selection of light breakfast items, such as cereal, toast, yoghurt, fruit juice and milk at an extra charge.


At After School Club all pupils are provided with a snack and drink on arrival.


School Dinners

All pupils at Guardian Angels are entitled to a free school meal. As part of the school’s healthy eating agenda your child is offered fruit and vegetables as part of their lunch. They also have access to the salad bar daily.

Table are provided for pupils who prefer to bring in a packed lunch. You can find out more about Tower Hamlets school lunches and see a what your child will be eating here.

Healthy Snacks & Milk

We offer a healthy mid-morning snack of fruit to Reception, Year 1, 2 and 3 daily. Milk is also available to all Reception and Year 1 pupils.


KS2 pupils are encouraged to bring in a healthy snack of fruit for their morning break.


As part of the school's policy, your child will only be allowed to drink water in class (no flavoured water please) unless they have a medical condition which necessitates them to have a sweet drink.

Food Allergies

Guardian Angels is a NUT FREE environment as there are children who have been diagnosed as severely allergic (anaphylactic) to nuts.


There are a wide range of food items which contain nut products, sometimes subtly so, and as we cannot take risks with children's health, we are no longer in a position to allow parents to bring in cakes, sweets or party bags for birthdays.


In the event of a special celebration, the school will purchase any food items for class parties and then ask parents to contribute a small amount towards the food. If your child wishes to share their birthdays with other children, then a small gift token for distribution may be preferable rather than food items. Any food items brought into school will be returned.