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Reception & Year 1

January 2020


Reception/Yr1   – Spring Term

Welcome back to school! Belated Happy New Year to you. Thank you for all your support last term – can you believe we are into a new year and a new term already! We really do appreciate your support as it is so valuable to your child’s success. We hope you had a restful Christmas break and we look forward to a busy and productive Spring Term – this letter will outline the learning that we have planned for your child this term.


Home learning

For Reception children, homework is usually very hands on and practical with a focus on oral and mental such as counting games and rhymes, playing I spy or odd one out with items beginning with the same sound. Your child will come home with a book with some ideas/activity suggestions which may include a website recommendation or interactive game to play as well as occasionally a longer research-based activity such as find out about what toys your parents or grandparents played with; draw and label. Or an art/craft project.


Year 1 will have similar suggestions but related to their age and to consolidate and/or extend their learning. It is still key to have lots of practical activities.  They will also have spellings and more written recording will be expected.


N.B: in line with the new Homework policy, it may not be marked.



For Reception the focus this term is on consolidating work with numbers to 10 through counting, recognising, matching and ordering. We will continue to add by combining two groups and counting all, or to take some items away from a group and count what is left. In shape, space and measures, Reception will begin to use everyday language to describe shapes, size, weight, height, length, capacity, time and money.


Year 1 will be expected to be secure in their number bonds and number families to 10 so that they can use this to easily combine bonds to 20.   We will be learning how to separate numerals into tens and ones and how to ‘bridge through 10’ when adding numbers up to 20. They will continue to be expected to write numbers in words to twenty and will also be expected to recognise, count, match and order numbers up to 50. They will be adding and subtracting within 20 and beyond 20.  They will describe 2D and 3D shapes by their properties with confidence and to begin to use standard measures (centimetres, litres, metres, grams).




Both Reception and Year 1 will use the same main text but there will be a different focus and expectation depending on the year group; for example, Reception children may at first be expected to retell the story verbally or using puppets or role play or to sequence pictures whereas Year 1 children will be expected to be more accurate with a clear beginning, middle and end and to demonstrate this in writing using correct punctuation, spacing and size of writing. We will be looking at Elmer and The Lost Teddy as well as listening to lots of stories about toys. We will also be writing instructions – based on a recipe for Gingerbread Men.  


In Phonics, Year 1 are on phase 5 which introduces alternative spellings for digraph’s already learnt in phase 4.  Reception children have learnt all initial sounds from phase 2 and 3 and will have a few weeks of revision of phase 2 and 3 before continuing with phase 3 digraphs (where two letters make one sound e.g sh, ng, oo, ai).


We hope to hold another phonics meeting, aimed at year 1 parents, which will explain how to continue to support your children with blending digraphs and trigraphs and their alternative spellings and further strategies to support reading as well as inform you about the phonics screening later in the year. We hope as many of you as possible will attend ad it is key to helping support your child.



Our topics are ‘Families and Celebration’ and ‘Lent and Easter’. We will look at some of the events from Jesus’ life including his baptism, when he was lost in the temple, and some of his miracles as well as considering how we can prepare ourselves during Lent, to remember the last week of Jesus’ life.



For Reception this is the ‘Understanding of the world’ part of the EYFS curriculum. For year 1 it is Geography and History. In Geography we will continue to use maps to locate parts of the UK as well as learning the names of and locating, the continents.  We will continue to use the local area, it’s facilities and the environment to aid us in our geographical studies. We will also consider Toys from around the world and in Spring 2 look at types of clothing worn around the world and in different cultures. In History, we will be studying toys from the past and comparing them with toys now.



We hope to do some simple investigative experiments and will also be continuing to study Materials and their properties but for Spring 1 we will focus on the materials Toys are made out of. For Spring 2 we will study the different materials clothing is made from and we will try to find the best material to keep warm, dry, cool etc. by carrying out simple tests. Year 1 will extend this by asking scientific questions and testing. What could we do to test it?



Children will be taught about e-safety and how to stay safe online. They will also use the large Interactive whiteboard to engage with activities to aid and complement their learning. Reception children will investigate many different types of technology and how it works and think about what choice of technology for what job/purpose. Year 1 will begin to extend their use of coding and use different programs to aid cross curricular work such as researching something related to our topic.



Children will learn gymnastic skills and how to move safely and carefully. They will learn how to combine movements to make a simple routine.  Year 1 will develop and build on skills previously taught. All children will continue to have access to bikes, scooters, the climbing frame, small and large construction, sewing, woodwork and loose parts to develop fine and gross motor skills.


Art/Design and Technology

Reception children can explore media and materials through messy play activities, sand and water exploration and drawing, painting and art and crafts. They will also have access to sewing, cooking, and woodwork as will the year 1 children. Year 1 will also focus on observational drawings of toys and clothing and will design and make a hand/sock puppet.



We will continue to embed the new behaviour policy and school rules with regular discussions on what helps us to be Safe, Respectful and Good Learners and what happens if we aren’t. We will introduce ideas of citizenship and civil rights. We will also think and reflect on what being a good friend is, how we can resolve conflicts with each other and how we should treat each other. We will also look at feelings. Much of this will be verbal and taught through circle time or as and when the need arises to deal with an issue.



We look forward to supporting you in developing your child to reach their full potential.


Thank you for your cooperation,


Mrs K Batten

Reception and Year 1  

Curriculum Overview

The curriculum overview lets you know what your child shall be learning each term,

as well as the activities and structure for each subject.

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