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In 2018, Guardian Angels began fundraising for the 16 children of an Ugandan Orphanage. So far we have raised £405.35. On receiving this money, the orphanage manager wrote to tell us that they would use it to pay some of the school fees.


As well as money, Guardian Angels sent our old school books and resources.  Mrs Hardweir had also organised a collection of clothes and toys to send along.  On receipt of this donation, the orphanage manager, who also volunteers in the local community, shared what the orphans had received with other local children and the school.


The orphans sent us thank you cards they had made.


This year we plan to have more fundraising events. We hope you will support us in this worthy cause.

Uganda Orphanage

On receiving the cards, Guardian Angels asked the orphanage if they have any specific future projects we can help with (for instance building work, windows, bookshelves, cooking equipment etc). 


They told us that their priorities at the moment are for the day to day running of the orphanage which are:


School fees for the 16 orphans - $4,800 (£3,730) annually.


Meals - The home spends $300 (£233) on food monthly, totalling $3,600 (£2,799) annually.


House Rent - The orphanage house where the kids stay is being rented at an amount of $150 (£116) per month, a total of $1,800 (£1,399) annually.


Salaries - The home currently employs 2 permanent worker, including a caretaker and orphanage manager, others are volunteers. Both workers are paid $82 (£64) per month, $984 (£765) annually.


Future Building Project

The organisation is planning to acquire a permanent home for the orphanage. They already have 1 and half acres of land which is enough land for 4 houses. These houses would be able to accommodate up to 40 orphans.


For the costs and budget of this project and how you can donate, follow this link on their website below.