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How do I get in contact with the school?

You can send a message via our contact page here. If you have a query you can also speak to Mrs Bennett in the main office (020 8980 3939).


Can I get a paper copy of the information on the website?

Yes. Please contact the school office to arrange for a paper copy of the information you require.


What time does school start and end?

Pupils should be in the playground ready to line up by 9 am. Both gates will be closed at this time. If your child/ren arrive after this time you must accompany them to the office to be entered into the late register. They will then be taken to their class.


There will be no supervision for pupils arriving before 9 am, unless they attend Breakfast Club.


The school day ends at 3.30 pm. Any child still uncollected by 3.45 pm will be entered  into the After School Care Club (ASCC) register and a fee will be payable.


Does the school have before and after school care provision?

Yes. Our Breakfast Club runs from 7.45 - 9 am.

The After School Care Club (ASCC) is available until 6 pm.


How much is Breakfast Club?

Breakfast Club is £6.00 per week subscription. Breakfast items are charged separately.


How much is After School Care Club?

  • 3.30 - 5.30 pm (£7.00)
  • 3.30 - 6 pm (£8.00)
  • Siblings (£6.00)

Children are provided with a snack.


One of my children is attending an after school activity. Can their sibling wait in the ASCC and will the school provide a snack?

If you have a child attending an after school activity such as guitar, and they have a sibling, that sibling may remain in ASCC until they have finished the activity at no charge. You will however have to provide the sibling with a snack whilst they wait.


Failure to pick up your children after the activity will result in their being entered into the ASCC register and you will be charged.


How do I pay for extra curricular activities and trips?

The school accepts cash at present, but we encourage parents to use the Parentmail system for payments. A short video is available on this Parentmail page to explain how to use it.


Can I park on the premises?

No. There is no parking available for parent and carers. Please park your car away from the school gates as this area becomes very congested.


If you have an appointment at our school and have a disability, please notify the school before your arrival and parking will be provided.


Does the school have disabled access?

Our new building, where all our meetings and assemblies take place, is completely accessible. Unfortunately our older building, which contains our classrooms, is not.


Do you have a school uniform?

Yes. We expect all children to wear full school uniform with the school logo.


  • Long hair must be tied back at all times.
  • Large bows and novelty headbands are not permitted.
  • Pupils are not permitted to wear make up, nail varnish, acrylics or false nails.


Can my child wear jewellery to school?

Pupils are not allowed to wear jewellery to school for safety reasons, apart from a wrist watch and small stud earrings.


When does my child have PE and is PE kit compulsory?

Please check out your child's class page for PE days. PE kit is compulsory. This is for health and safety reasons.


A list of school uniform items and where they can

be purchased can be found here


What else is my child allowed to bring to school?

Children should not bring any sweets, toys, valuables and money into school. We do not take any responsibility for items lost or stolen.


Can my child bring a mobile phone to school?

No. Pupils are not allowed to bring mobile phones to school. 


What if something gets lost?

Please make sure all clothing is clearly marked with your child's name so that it can returned. Items of value that are found are handed in to the school office.


Am I allowed to take my child out of school for a holiday or day off?

Only exceptional circumstances will be considered as we are no longer able to authorise holidays in term time. Please make an appointment with Mrs. Joseph (our Home/School Worker) to discuss this.


Do I have to pay for lunch?

All pupils are entitled to a free school meal. Tables are provided for children who prefer to bring a packed lunch.


Is drinking water available?

Drinking water is available in all the classrooms, the dinner hall and from fountains in the lower playground.  Pupils are also allowed to bring in a labelled water bottle for use in the classroom.  


Flavoured water is not permitted for use in the classroom, unless your child has a medical condition which requires a sweet drink. This must be confirmed in writing by their doctor.


What should I do if my child is unwell?

Keep your child at home and please call us to let us know why they are absent. You can get advice on when to keep your child off here.


Can I give my child medication to take themselves if they feel unwell?

No. Children are not allowed to self medicate. All medication must be prescribed and will be administered by the office staff once you have completed the permission form, which is available from the school office or for download here.


What happens if my child has an accident at school?

The accident will be recorded and a slip sent home to you with the details. If the accident is serious or a head injury, we will contact you by phone. Please ensure that we have up to date contact numbers for you and tell us straight away if they change.


How do I contact the Headteacher?

You can do this in several ways:

  1. Call in to the school office and make a request for an appointment
  2. Email school FAO Miss Nottage on:
  3. Write a letter


When can I talk to the teachers?

Teachers are busy in the morning and at the end of the day, so are unavailable. Please pass on any messages via Mrs. Joseph (our Home/School Worker), who is on the main gate every morning or through the main office to make an appointment.


Does the school offer additional activities?

Yes. We offer a range of additional activities such as music and sport. Times, costs and starting ages vary. Please speak to the school office.


Do the children have swimming lessons?

Swimming is part of the Key Stage 2 PE curriculum. Pupils take part in Years 3 and 4.


Are children given homework?

Yes. We also expect pupils to read at home every day and bring their book bags to school.


What if my child has special needs?

Please discuss your child's needs with their class teacher, Mrs. Joseph (our Home/School Worker) or Miss Tucker our SENCo (Special Needs Coordinator). 


What if my child can't speak English?

As we are a multi cultural school, we have many pupils who speak many languages. We would buddy your child up with another child who speaks the same language.


What should I do if I am worried about my child's progress?

We hold parent meetings twice a year, where you can discuss any problems with your child's teacher. You can also discuss your concerns with  Mrs. Joseph (our Home/School Worker) or Miss Tucker our SENCo (Special Needs Coordinator).


When do I get a school report for my child? 

Reports are given out at the end of the school year, in July.


Who do I see if I have a problem?

In the first instance see Mrs Joseph (our Home/School Worker) or your child's class teacher. If you require further assistance then your query will be passed on to Miss Nottage (our head of school) or Mrs. Denys (our deputy head).


I have misplaced a letter that was sent home, what should I do?

The school office will provide a replacement.


My child wants to do some extra work at home, what can I do?

Useful links are available on our Pupil Zone page here


Where can I see what my child has been doing in school?

Please visit your child's Class Page and our Gallery of photos.


Does the school have a school council?

Yes. The school council meets with a member of staff to discuss a range of issues.


What should I do if I am interested in working at the school?

Please visit our Vacancies page for more information.


Who are the school governors?

For information about our governors please visit our Governors page.


What is the National Curriculum?

The National Curriculum outlines what children should be taught at each Key Stage.


Foundation Stage - Nursery & Reception Class

Key Stage 1 - Years 1 & 2

Key Stage 2 - Years 3, 4, 5 & 6


What are SAT's?

Statutory Assessment Tests, are used to assess how a child is doing at the end of each stage.


What are INSET Days?

These are In Service Training Days. All schools in England must have 5 days per year for staff training and development.


What is PPA time?

Planning. Preparation and Assessment time. Teachers use this time away from teaching to prepare lessons.


Any other questions?  Please feel free to contact us