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Behaviour Principles & Policy

The Education and Inspectors Act 2006 and DfE guidance (Behaviour in Schools, 2012) requires the Governors to make a written statement of general behaviour principles as a guide to the Headteacher in determining measures to promote good behaviour.


The Governors at Guardian Angels Catholic Primary School believe that high standards of behaviour lie at the heart of a successful school. They enable our pupils to make the very best progress in all aspects of their school life.


At Guardian Angels Catholic Primary School we value the individuality of everyone and aim to support each member of our community to fulfil his/her potential. Relationships are underpinned by our Catholic faith and we thereby promote our values of justice, equality, mutual respect, fairness and tolerance. We set high expectations for both learning and behaviour, in the belief that this supports our pupils in the process of becoming educated, responsible and tolerant citizens.


The purpose of this statement is to share the key principles for behaviour management that the Governors expect to be followed in the school.


Key Principles of Behaviour Management at Guardian Angels School


• All children, staff and visitors have the right to feel safe at all times at school.


• All members of the school community should be free from discrimination of any sort. We are an inclusive school. Measures to protect children will be set out in our Behaviour and Equality policies.


• The Governors expect pupils and parents to co-operate in order to maintain an orderly climate for learning.


• We recognise that the use of rewards and sanctions must have regard to the individual situation and the individual pupil. Sanctions should be applied fairly, consistently, proportionally and reasonably, taking into account SEN, disability and the needs of vulnerable children, and offering support as necessary. The Headteacher is expected to use her discretion in this process.


This is a statement of principles, not practice. Practical applications of these principles are the responsibility of the Headteacher. The governors expect any policy or actions to be in accordance with their responsibility under equality legislation.


A copy of our Behaviour Policy is available from the school Office.

Guardian Angels Golden Rules


Our school's Catholic ethos reflects our mission to provide each child and member of our school community with a safe, happy and stimulating environment in which to learn, thrive and flourish.


We will achieve our mission when:


We are gentle

We do not hurt others

We are honest

We do not cover up the truth

We are kind and helpful

We do not hurt anybody's feelings

We work hard

We do not waste our own and

others time

We listen

We do not interrupt

We look after property

We do not waste and

damage things