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Guardian Angels

Catholic Primary School


Guardian Angels school will not authorise holidays

taken during term time


Tower Hamlets Local Authority does not allow leave in term time. If you do take your child out of school during term time, Tower Hamlets regards this as truancy. This is also government policy.


Parents who do will trigger referral action by the Attendance

and Welfare Services on their return.


If it is the intent of parents to take children away during term time they must

complete a Term Time Holiday Leave Request Form, obtained from the Secretary’s office.


Parents will not be given any further information or reminders, but both parents with parental responsibility will receive a notice which could lead to a Penalty Notice fine of £60:00 per parent.


LATENESS is now viewed by the LA as truancy.


Children who are not in the playground for the start of the school day at 9 am will be deemed late if they arrive any time after that. 15 late sessions contribute to lack of proper attendance and will trigger intervention by the Attendance Welfare Adviser (AWA).


Remember: Children need to be in school for 9 am


Any unauthorised absence will be combined with term time holiday leave taken to assess the level of non-attendance and action will be taken as indicated.


Informing school of sickness


If your child is sick, it is your responsibility to inform the school. If you do not contact the school it will be recorded as unauthorised absence.


Please leave a reason for the absence, saying ‘not well’ or ‘sick’ is not enough information about child’s health. More information is needed so that we can authorise your child’s day out of school. If you are unsure whether to keep your child off, advice is available here.