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ASCC Policy

A copy of the full revised document can be obtained from Mrs. Bennett – ASCC Manager or from the Administration Officer (Secretary’s office).


Some key Points:


Our ASCC is registered with the London borough of Tower Hamlets and is inspected by OFSTED. Their requirements are their minimum standards.


The cost per day are :

  • 3.30 - 5.30 pm (£7.00)
  • 3.30 - 6 pm (£8.00)  
  • Siblings (£6.00)


A £20:00 deposit will be required for each child attending ASCC with your completed induction pack at the beginning of the school year. This deposit will be refunded at the end of an academic year provided that all your fees have been fully paid.


Fees will be charged half a term at a time. Invoices will be sent out on September, October, December and February, then in March, April and May.


Payment is due in full, on or before the first day of term or before the first day after half term.

If payment is not received before the start of each half term, your child will not be admitted to the ASCC.


We require half a terms notice (six weeks) written notice if you wish to terminate your child’s place.


ASCC Contact telephone no: 0208 980 3939 Ext 207

                                         mobile: 07760 441 352


ASCC Late Collection Policy


Your child should be collected by 6 pm. The premises manager is on site until 6:30 pm but this is for administrative duties only. All other ASCC workers are paid until 6 pm. If your child is not collected by this time it means that, for safeguarding purposes, staff members have to remain on site with the manager although they have finished work.


We understand that there will always be emergencies, traffic and travel delays. However if parents are regularly late when collecting their child, in order to cover staffing costs they will be subject to a late fee.


Parents who arrive later than 6 pm will be issued with a penalty charge of £5:00, more than fifteen minutes there will be a charge of £10:00.


Persistent lateness may result in the loss of your child’s place.


ASCC Safeguarding Practices


  • An ASCC worker will remain in the lobby with the signing out book; only adults who need to sign their child /children out will come into the lobby. Only Staff members will have access to the hall and the area around Reception Class. If you wish to pay ASCC fees please make payment in an envelope


  • Adults who are coming to collect children from all other activities, sports, boosters’, homework club etc. will remain outside and the children will be brought out to them.


  • After School Club Staff are unable to collect your child from booster or homework clubs once these clubs have begun, as they are needed on duty. If your child is not attending on that day please ensure you arrive in time to collect them from the playground.


  • No adults other than staff are allowed in the children’s changing rooms. The changing rooms are also where the children use the toilet and therefore we cannot allow access.
A copy of the ASCC Registration & Medications and Allergies Form is available from the school office or for download here.

After School Activities


The school offers a number of after school paid activities from outside professionals. Children who attend after school activities/lessons, but who are not attending the ASCC afterwards must be picked up when their lesson is finished.


Failure to do so will result in your child being taken to After School Club and you will be charged.

Siblings Waiting in After School Care Club


If you have a child attending an After School Activity such as guitar, and they a sibling, that sibling may remain in ASCC until they have finished the activity at no charge. You will however have to provide the sibling with a snack whilst they wait.


ASCC will not provide the sibling with a snack.