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Guardian Angels

Catholic Primary School


If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below. Copies are also available from the school office.

School Supplemental Information Form (SIF)

When applying for a place at Guardian Angels, applicants must complete a Supplementary information form. Aided schools and academies require the completion of this form so that additional information is provided in support of an application, particularly in relation to faith.


The SIF Form is available from the school office and for download here:

Tower Hamlets School Admissions Guidance

All information regarding admission to a Tower Hamlets school can be accessed here:

Starting School in Tower Hamlets

The Starting School in Tower Hamlets brochure contains all the information you need on applying for your child's place. You can get a copy from the Tower Hamlets website, some nurseries and primary schools in Tower Hamlets or by contacting the Pupil Services team on 020 7364 5006.