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Some pupils in Year 2 & 3 are taking part in the Grow Your Own Potatoes competition. We tried to take part last year but failed miserably when our resident family of squirrals kept digging them up and we were invaded by slugs.  This year we have moved our garden up to the roof in the hopes that we will succeed.


As well as the country wide competition, we are having a competition between Years 2 & 3. If you would like to know more about growing potatoes click here.


Chitting the potatoes

The first thing we had to do was chit the seed potatoes for 2 weeks to encourage roots. We also decorated the grow bags so that we knew which variety of potato was being grown by which class.


Once the potatoes had sprouted roots we put them in the grow bags we had decorated. To see which type of soil produced the most potatoes, we planted the Rocket variety in 30% compost to 70% top soil and the Jazzy variety in 100% compost.


To water the plants, we used empty plastic milk bottles and poked holes in the lids to let the water out.