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In a debate, you have different ways to debate. 1 fun way to debate is to PEEL. PEEL stands for Point, Explanation, Evidence and then the Link. Using the PEEL system, you can make debating a fun thing to do!


Rebuttal. Rebuttal is when you disagree with the other team and then you explain why you disagree with the other team.


This school loves debating and we do debating using the company Debate Mate! This company shows you how to debate and how you can express your feelings throughout debating.


Thank you for reading, and we hope you might try to debate with friends and family.


(Ava & Julia, Year 5)

Our Year 5 & 6 Debating Club Members

In February we attended the Primary Urban Debate League, Round 1 Competition at Orchard House Primary School.


Year 6 did really well.


As a school we are 13th in the top 50% and we are 9th out of all the London Primary Schools that took part.