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Cross Stitch

During our playtime Cross Stitch Club, we are planning to make key rings or pencil cases with our initial/names in cross stitch. We'll update weekly with our progress.


Week 1 

We drew out how our name would look on graph paper and began to add some details. Some of us looked on the internet for inspiration.

Week 2

Half of us were ready to start sewing.  At first, it was a bit hard getting the line straight down the centre of the fabric and also putting the needle through the right hole to make the crosses, but we stuck at it.

Week 3 & 4

We're still at it. Two of the key ring makers have finished. They did a great job. A few of us have changed our designs as we did not realise how long this would take. 

Week 5

We've all finished our cross stitch. Miss Gloria made them into pencil cases using old pairs of jeans. What do you think?